Calvin Maighan - Co-Founder, UX Design ( Full-stack designer and developer. Built the design system for Newton, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada.

Rea Loretta - Co-Founder, Design & Advisory ( Serial founder-entrepreneur. An engineer, designer in tech, multi-exit. Crypto advisor and Solana influencer. Building infrastructure and utility for NFTs.

Aidan Neil - Co-Founder, Business Development Manager ( UX researcher and communications lead. Has built a career in innovation, service design and delivery.


PromoPlanet - Community & Marketing ( Game design and consulting. One of the leading NFT gaming community builders and marketers on WAX. Has helped grow several NFT communities to 10k+ members.

Team No Fun Time (NFT) - Gaming Partnership Gaming organization dedicated to NFT gaming with a focus on eSports, investing, scholarships, and strategy for P2E NFT games.

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