The Ladder Token (LADA) is an SPL (Solana-based) utility and governance token that powers the LadderCaster game and ecosystem. LADA can be earned every turn by burning resources and is used to buy spellcasters. Each turn, there is a pool of LADA tokens that will be split between the users based on their actions. The pool mechanics ensure that the token release schedule is controlled and predictable. 
 LADA holders will be rewarded for their individual participation in key governance roles, as well as for their contributions to the community ecosystem and through user-generated content initiatives.

LADA has been designed to serve three primary functions: -To reward players for interacting with the LadderCaster game and community. -To serve as a main economic stabilizer for the ecosystem, contributing to the “burn-and-earn” mechanics of the game. -To truly decentralize the ownership and governance of LadderCaster.

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