A season lasts 28 days (or about 2,016 turns). Spellcasters don’t automatically move to a new season. Characters that reach level 30 can be “burnt” at the end of the season in exchange for a level 1 caster in the next season. The new season starts with a complete reset of the map, meaning all characters begin the season on the three initial tiles (see: Maps & Tiles). Each season has different resources and items, so assets cannot be transferred from one season to the next.

The latest season is called the “Ladder” with all previous seasons being referred to as “Non-Ladder”. Ladder receives 50% of all LADA tokens set to be distributed that season, while the non-ladders split the remaining 50% equally. Rules may differ slightly from season to season, with the DAO deciding on and implementing those changes once governance is fully implemented.

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